1) The landscape of the class of the Japanese

In many Japanese-language schools, multiple courses have been installed in accordance with the level of Japanese, apprenticeship period, enrollment, the hope after graduation. I recommend the school course selection along the study plan of your own.
Class of about 4 hours a day are performed on weekdays. You learne Japanese and the of basic subjects required for university entrance , depending on the course.
In addition, tea ceremony, and experience touching the flower arrangement, events, and recreation, and allows you to experience Japanese culture, the four seasons, the arts, and deepen the interest and understanding of Japanese-language school life memorable.

2) Living environment

In Japan, students will live in an apartment or dormitory and private student dormitory, which operates schools and local governments.
For consumer electronics products and consumer goods necessary to life is equipped, student dormitory, you can reduce the cost of living as well as rent.
However, toilet, bath or a joint, there are restrictions such as curfew.
On the other hand it is possible to establish a free-living style, sense of the value of money is nourished, the apartment is expected to be personal growth and self-reliance, but the procedure is complicated, expenses such as purchase rent other deposit-key money, life necessities bulk you see.
Schools in partnership with real estate agents, supports looking dwelling of safety and security in many cases. Admission Once you've decided, on how to find them in the apartment, let's contact the school.

3) Cost of living / part-time job

Living expenses of one month of foreign students is 138,000 yen. (Source: "2011 fiscal privately financed foreign students Living Conditions Survey" (JASSO)
Cost of living in big cities, will be higher than that in the region, but there are also benefits of recruiting part-time job is such as often. Many of the students have a part-time job, food and beverage industry is the most By type, followed by marketing and sales, teaching / research assistant, is a hotel reception hall clerk, etc.. Hourly rate will vary by region and type of work, but because it is 1,200 yen per 800 yen if the restaurant business, it will be 22,400 yen 33,600 yen per week and work 28 hours a week of upper limit.
It is a good opportunity to learn the habits and manners through that not only earn a living, to work in Japanese companies, but let's consider the balance between academic so that no school is neglected by it.
※ To a part-time job, you will need to obtain permission of the qualifications to engage in an activity at the Immigration Bureau, etc. nearby.
In addition, some international students to cumene part of the tuition fees and living expenses by using the scholarship. On the check, and to apply the conditions also it is a good idea.

Scholarship search sites (Japan Study Support): http://www.jpss.jp/ja/scholarship/
Scholarships (JASSO): http://www.jasso.go.jp/study_j/scholarships_sfisij.html

4) Course of after graduation

Many international students who studied in the Japanese educational institutions will attend the aspiring college ,graduate school, to professional school ,after wearing the ability of N2 or N1 about Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT).
Then, after you have graduated from higher education institutions in Japan, case working in Japanese companies has been increasing.
The top three industries of employment commercial and trade / education / computer-related. (: "About the employment situation to the Japanese companies of foreign students in 2012," the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau Source)
It has opened the doors of adoption for the purpose of that many companies, to ensure the best talent regardless of nationality, but the Japanese ability required by the job not just the skills that are required to levels similar to or the same as Japanese considerably higher, and employment in Japan is not an easy task. During the job search, you need to carefully research what companies have the ability to be sought.

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